Reasons Why Foundation Programme Is Meant For You

study the science foundation program in Malaysia

Hello, SPM leavers! Congratulations on successfully completing one of the most crucial examinations in your life! It means that you are prepared to advance to the next stage of your study life. Now that you have ended your high school journey, you must have been wondering what to do next, what course should you study, and which program should you take. Making decisions on this stuff can be very hard sometimes, especially knowing that the choice that you will be making will determine your future. With everyone around you giving out their opinions, it is understandable that it can be very confusing. 

Most likely, you have far too many thoughts racing through your head, including “What comes next?”  and “Which pre-university program should I go with? To be able to get into the degree of your choice, you must first earn a pre-university certificate. If you go and ask around, many people would recommend you to take up a foundation program before pursuing your bachelor’s degree. There are many benefits that you can get from choosing a foundation program.

If you’re still confused, in this article, we’re going to give you all of the information on why you should consider taking up the foundation program. 

What is a Foundation Program?

A foundation program will often give you the knowledge and abilities that you need to prepare as a part of the requirements of an undergraduate degree. This will guarantee that a candidate meets all requirements set forth by the university for enrollment. The breadth of the courses allows you a decent introduction to the subject matter, but they also give enough depth for you to receive authentic vocational training from knowledgeable instructors before continuing on to a complete degree. A foundation year can help you fill the gap if you don’t have what you need to enter an undergraduate program right away.

Why You Should Pursue a Foundation Program?

study the science foundation program in Malaysia

Before you may enroll in an undergraduate degree, you often only need to complete a foundation program for one year. You could say it’s a quicker way for you to enroll in a degree program. The brief duration does not, however, imply that the curriculum is any less demanding than, for example, an A Level or diploma program.

Expect your calendar to be cramped with assignments, tests, assessments, projects, and of course, shorter semester vacations as the programs are compressed into a single year. In fact, you’ll need to be proactive and ready to succeed at all times.  For example, if you want to study the science foundation program in Malaysia, it can be considered a stepping stone to the higher education level if you don’t have the prerequisites to start a degree program straight immediately.

If we talk about saving time for a foundation program, it can also go hand in hand with saving money. A foundation program would undoubtedly be one of the most cost-effective pre-university programs accessible and you should consider getting into the program if cost is one of your primary concerns, compared to other pre-university programs like the Diploma program.